Vixen in the rough

I read a post by Foxes and Poems called ‘A Poem About Oblivion’. It triggered my thoughts about relationships and how they can be so toxic at times. I find it sad that people get caught up in unhealthy relationships, oftentimes unaware of the problem until too much is invested to make a clean break.

I’m not making judgements, who am I to do that? I am simply presenting thoughts that have been triggered many times while reading posts of those I follow. My hope is that they were works of fiction, although I know, many were not. I cannot apologize for the hurts inflicted by uncaring partners, but I would if I could.

Men are beasts…

...But, not all of us

I don't know what you see in us,
we predate,
can't relate.
We are hopeless,
but, no,
you are our hope,
our salvation
from base predilections
and savage impulses.
You buoy us,
balance us,
care for us,
at your own expense.

What do you find in us
that's irresistible,
Is it the challenge
the thrill,
the danger
of allowing yourself to be engulfed
in a maelstrom 
of pheromones
and carnal desire?
Is it love
or need of validation
that draws you
like the butterfly to the flame
into the arms of the man
from Stockholm?

He will give you neither
and leave behind
your white hot ashes.

Please go to Foxes and Poems and read or listen to April’s post!

The Break-up Poem

So, I have this friend named Grace. She is part of the writing group that convenes weekly at the local Barnes and Noble. We call her ‘Giggles’, cause she does, a lot, and we love her so.

Says Grace; “My boyfriend broke up with me last night.”

Says I; “Are you alright? What happened?”

Said she; “We were up until 5am on Facebook and he said he thought we should end it. He was having a crisis and couldn’t deal.”

Then said I; “How do you feel about it?

And she replied; “Sad, a little confused and a little mad”

Me; “I’ll bet. Let’s write a scathing break-up poem about him!”

Her; Giggling, “Yes!”

What follows is the tragedy inspired chronicle of the end of a romance.

WARNING!!! Angst and ‘F’ bombs ahead!

And, Don’t mess with my friends!

Erasing Grace

It’s not you, it’s me
He said with self-deprecation
And heavy was his sigh
At least that’s what he wrote
In the text that he sent
Announcing the end of us
We can be friends
You’re special
I’ll call you
See you around
The next day, I saw him
And we nervously spoke
Was that a glint
Or a tear
In his crocodile eye
Either way, he’s toast!
Is there a chance
I’m sorry
It doesn’t have to be this way
I was a little scared
What the hell did you want
When you asked me out
I’m not here to waste my time
If you ever grow a set
And stop acting like a teen
Call me.

Tim Blodgett 2/16/20

That was fun to write and Grace loved it. She doesn’t hate him so the ending is appropriate. Where there’s life, there’s hope. Boy is he lucky that she’s a nice person!

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell lately, sometimes you got it and sometimes you don’t.