Terrible Beauty

During the storm 2/7/20
Moon set, about 4AM, 2/8/20
Thorns of ice at dawn 2/8/20
Morning light 2/8/20
Sunrise Halo
The street I live on about 10AM
Behind my home 2/8/20
Snow and ice 2/8/20
The sun setting behind ice coated trees. 5:00, 2/8/20

Yesterday, February 7th, a spiteful stormy day dawned with freezing rain which turned to sleet midmorning, and finally changed to snow at 12:30. By 1:00, the roads were slick and dangerous. About the same time, the lights flickered, went out, and came back on. The pattern repeated itself several times until 5PM when the lights didn’t come back on. Hundreds of others are in the boat with me wondering when we’ll be rescued.

I went home, a quarter mile away, and got my trusty generator. Ya see, I had a bait tank full of, you guessed it, bait! With the power out and no aeration, they were gonna go belly up in a hurry. I fired it up and saved 40 to 50 pounds of minnows.

There was only one problem, the power didn’t come back on. One hour, two, five, midnight! Feed the generator every couple of hours, check the bait, it’s getting cold in here. 2AM, the wee hours, moon set 4:30 am, the cold hour before dawn, still no power. Did I mention that I spent the night at the store?

Dawn broke clear and cold and unbelievably gorgeous. My poor cameratography didn’t do it justice. No problem though, I’ll get a chance to try again tomorrow morning. As of this writing, 6:38 pm, 2/8/20, the power is still out and the estimated time of restoration is 11:00 pm Sunday night, 2/9/20…

IF we’re lucky!!!

Such is life in upstate New York, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

In case you’re wondering.

I’m male, white and 55. But wait, there’s more!!!
I’m straight, going on 30 years married and my daughter’s daddy,
I’m college educated, so is my wife, we own a fishing tackle and archery shop, and I drive a school bus part time. (Great pay and benefits and I like the kids!)(Most of the time.)
I’m not rich, probably never will be, but who knows what the future holds?
I like to read, I like to write, I like to fix things and solve problems.
I’m a little old fashioned, well maybe a lot and I sign my name legibly.
I like to sharpen my pencils with a knife,
I like to split firewood with my 6 lb. maul, there’s something about the sound of a well struck chunk of wood.
I like to fish, hunt, hike, ride my bike, observe, converse, learn, discover, laugh, think and eat (food for thought ‘n stuff).
I’m a lot like you and probably a lot different too. We’ve lived different lives and we won’t see eye to eye all the time, maybe most of the time. Possibly the only thing we will agree on is that we will disagree and that’s OK.
Since you’ve gotten this far, I would like to thank you for not dismissing me and for your curiosity.
Now, let me confound your expectations!

That’s me! No more mystery, now you know,… or do you? Did I grab a picture online or hire a model to sit for me? I think I would have chosen better if that was the case. Sorry if I let you down, this is about as good as it gets. Seriously, this is a big deal for me to attach my picture to my blog. I figured that since so many of you have put yourselves out there, that it was time to stop hiding behind my avatar. I’m still going let my wood sprite represent for me though, he’s a good egg and he does a good job.