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It’s day four of NaPoWriMo, so here’s the next installment. I had a busy day doing stuff. I didn’t have much time to compose high minded, philosophical, or edgy poetry. You won’t be transported to an idyllic dreamscape. In fact, you may be dissappointed and un-follow me.

We will take that chance together.

So, without further adieu, I present, for your enjoyment/revulsion…Poem #4

Poem #4

numbers one through nine
arranged in columns and rows
Sudoku haiku

I can hear you groaning, but come on, it was a little bit clever, wasn’t it?

I enjoy solving Sudoku puzzles, it forces my brain to concentrate on something other than the news. Anyway, it helps pass the time.

Thank you, and Good night!

The Break-up Poem

So, I have this friend named Grace. She is part of the writing group that convenes weekly at the local Barnes and Noble. We call her ‘Giggles’, cause she does, a lot, and we love her so.

Says Grace; “My boyfriend broke up with me last night.”

Says I; “Are you alright? What happened?”

Said she; “We were up until 5am on Facebook and he said he thought we should end it. He was having a crisis and couldn’t deal.”

Then said I; “How do you feel about it?

And she replied; “Sad, a little confused and a little mad”

Me; “I’ll bet. Let’s write a scathing break-up poem about him!”

Her; Giggling, “Yes!”

What follows is the tragedy inspired chronicle of the end of a romance.

WARNING!!! Angst and ‘F’ bombs ahead!

And, Don’t mess with my friends!

Erasing Grace

It’s not you, it’s me
He said with self-deprecation
And heavy was his sigh
At least that’s what he wrote
In the text that he sent
Announcing the end of us
We can be friends
You’re special
I’ll call you
See you around
The next day, I saw him
And we nervously spoke
Was that a glint
Or a tear
In his crocodile eye
Either way, he’s toast!
Is there a chance
I’m sorry
It doesn’t have to be this way
I was a little scared
What the hell did you want
When you asked me out
I’m not here to waste my time
If you ever grow a set
And stop acting like a teen
Call me.

Tim Blodgett 2/16/20

That was fun to write and Grace loved it. She doesn’t hate him so the ending is appropriate. Where there’s life, there’s hope. Boy is he lucky that she’s a nice person!

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell lately, sometimes you got it and sometimes you don’t.

Fixin’ whut aint broke

As you can see, I’ve been messing around with my site. I figured, ‘what the hey’ and added some cool widgets that the rest of you cool kids have on your sites. Now I have to figure out how to add pages, content and whutnot (yeah, I know) without crashing my site. I can be dangerous with tools, time and a little knowledge!

Anyhow, I’ve been struggling with a story idea that I want to work on for November’s NaNoWriMo challenge. I also want to use the same story idea in a short story format and submit it to PUB518.com for consideration in their upcoming, Guide to Useless Sidekicks, anthology. I have the short story part figured out and am off to a start. One of the conditions is that it must be unpublished and a blog is considered published, sooo…, I won’t be able to share it with you in my blog. Sorry. I will keep you posted on my progress though. So far, I did a dramatic reading of it’s opening salvo and cracked up my wife. Good thing she wasn’t drinking something! I would like to write the long version as a novel, spoofing the super-verse, or, as a graphic novel, doing the same. I have some unique characters and a twisted sense of humor, look out Marvel! You too DC!

About 518 Publishing. Their idea is to tap into the creativity of upstate NY writers in the 518 area code, but they will take submissions from writers wherever they may be. The last one, Influence of the Moon, has a piece from a writer in London, England that is, so if you have a story idea, check them out and submit it. You won’t get rich, but you may get published and that is really neat. I have a short story titled ‘Selene’ and a poetry piece, ‘I Should’ve Quit and Gone to Bed’ in ‘Influence’. Check it out on Amazon, I already got my free copy and Amazon gift card, so I’ve been paid. Buy it if you want for yourself, not for me. I won’t be able to put up those pieces for a year.

Please check out Eugenia’s BrewNSpew cafe https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/69221687/posts/55850. She puts weekly prompts out there for you to expand or expound upon. This week’s prompt is ‘Ghoulish’. I have something in mind to submit. For now, I’ll leave a teaser that’s part of a series of poems that I’m trying to convince my insanely talented daughter to turn into a graphic novel with me. Check her work out at; https://madisonrose225.wixsite.com/violetrose/gallery

Ahh, teaser smeaser, I’ll just let it rip!

I am what I am

Torment drives me relentlessly, beyond all hope, beyond care
a wraith, I drift, by impotent fury consumed
preying on dreams, turning faith to ash,despair
remains, it ravages still, it's thirst un-slaked.

Oh, foul beast, the demon inside runs rampant
in catacombs of my un-redeemed soul. without remorse,
I tread in its wake of wreak and ruin, unrepentant,
led astray, without the will to reverse my awful course.

In battle, I engaged my foe, headlong, Hell driven,
unyielding, iron cold, no thought for mercy or compassion.
My creed; No quarter asked, no quarter given.
Alas, hollow victories were naught but crimes of my own commission

Reflection reveals my conscious choice to ignore
the consequences of my actions. I'll live with them forevermore.

BrewNSpew Cafe https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/69221687/posts/55850


That’s how many words I need to write each day in the month of November if I’m to reach the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words!!!

I’m a slow writer. I’m type with 2 fingers and I’m good for about 10 words a minute. I can type more words than that in a minute if I know exactly what I want to say, but I usually don’t know how I want to say what I want to say until I’m saying it and then I think of a different way of saying it and have to change what I said and in the end I didn’t say what I thought I was going to say when I started to say it. I actually exceeded my average wpm count just then!

The problem is that I stop and think about what I’ve written or what I want to write next, and the average dwindles away. It’s kinda like being stuck in a traffic jam sitting behind the wheel of a (pick your favorite vehicle), Changing lanes and advancing a short distance and then coming to a stop and watching the car you were previously stuck behind move ahead and out of sight.

The way I figure it, the math goes something like this:

1667 divided by 10 equals a little less than 3 hours. Factor in correcting spelling errors, coffee and then the subsequent bathroom breaks, brain cramps and staring off into space, I figure the time required to reach the daily goal will fall roughly between 3.5 hours and forever.

I’m not liking the odds, I know me and I also engage in a lot of wishful thinking. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try. Remember, the point of the journey is not to arrive, right? Anyhow, It’s getting late so I’ll wrap this up with a heartfelt thank you to those of you who read this and my previous posts. I’ve visited some of your blogs and read what you shared. Wow! There’s some powerful, thoughtful, wrenching, and wonderful posts. I look forward to viewing more of them as time allows and giving back in my own way.

I call this ‘Sidelong’.

out of the corner of my
eye, see you and smile

You brighten my world when you
grace it with your brilliance