Moonrise (do over!)

I added a screen shot of how the poem was supposed to look! I used center alignment but it posted the way it wanted to anyway. Bad computer, bad!

I didn’t know that it was the ‘Pink Super Moon’ rising in the east last Tuesday. I was just lucky that I was in a location that offered this view. I was luckier still to have turned my attention from my fishing pole and notice the moon peeking from behind the hill on the opposite side of South Bay on Lake Champlain. The top arc of the moon was barely visible through the breaks in the trees and I wasn’t even sure what I was seeing at first. Three seconds later I knew what it was and I scrambled to dig my phone from my pocket. Precious seconds were wasted in that struggle! By the time I turned the camera on, this is how far the moon rose.


Funny how motionless the moon seems in the night sky, but put it on the horizon, or behind a hill, and we see it move with surprising speed.

Hello Moon

The moon always draws my eye. No matter her phase, or her color She is always super.

This is how I intended it to appear!
My Muse  

Oh, bright
goddess of the night, sailing 
'cross the firmament, cast your lunar light
our way. Illuminate the darkened earth, chase the 
the inky shadows westward, give the monsters no place 
to hide, bestow courage on fearful hearts. Where blackness 
reigned and blinded our eyes, your cool nocturnal glow gives
us comfort. We gaze upon your shining face, dreamers, lovers,
artists, human in our imperfections, perfect because of them.
You transport us to a higher plane, you inflame the passion
in our breasts, you enlighten us, inspire us, quicken our 
minds, fuel our creativity, you bring wonder to our
jaded lives. Promise me you will return.
 Guide us through another 
dark night.

(C) Tim Blodgett   04/09/20   

I never tire of her.

Terrible Beauty

During the storm 2/7/20
Moon set, about 4AM, 2/8/20
Thorns of ice at dawn 2/8/20
Morning light 2/8/20
Sunrise Halo
The street I live on about 10AM
Behind my home 2/8/20
Snow and ice 2/8/20
The sun setting behind ice coated trees. 5:00, 2/8/20

Yesterday, February 7th, a spiteful stormy day dawned with freezing rain which turned to sleet midmorning, and finally changed to snow at 12:30. By 1:00, the roads were slick and dangerous. About the same time, the lights flickered, went out, and came back on. The pattern repeated itself several times until 5PM when the lights didn’t come back on. Hundreds of others are in the boat with me wondering when we’ll be rescued.

I went home, a quarter mile away, and got my trusty generator. Ya see, I had a bait tank full of, you guessed it, bait! With the power out and no aeration, they were gonna go belly up in a hurry. I fired it up and saved 40 to 50 pounds of minnows.

There was only one problem, the power didn’t come back on. One hour, two, five, midnight! Feed the generator every couple of hours, check the bait, it’s getting cold in here. 2AM, the wee hours, moon set 4:30 am, the cold hour before dawn, still no power. Did I mention that I spent the night at the store?

Dawn broke clear and cold and unbelievably gorgeous. My poor cameratography didn’t do it justice. No problem though, I’ll get a chance to try again tomorrow morning. As of this writing, 6:38 pm, 2/8/20, the power is still out and the estimated time of restoration is 11:00 pm Sunday night, 2/9/20…

IF we’re lucky!!!

Such is life in upstate New York, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Now I remember

It’s all coming back to me now. I’ve always had a hard time with small talk, starting or participating in. I’m not shy or uninterested in conversation, I find what people say fascinating, even when what’s said leaves me shaking my head with bewilderment. I talk to people all day, customers, the students I drive to and from school and co-workers. I solve problems, resolve conflicts, pass information and if I’m lucky and the timing’s appropriate, I get to cut loose irreverently. Pique my interest and words will flow, otherwise, I am content with silence.

As I said at the beginning, I struggle to start polite conversation. If asked what I want to talk about, you will either get silence or more than you bargained for. If you say to me, “write something”, I will usually draw a blank. If you give me a prompt, well, that’s a different story. I’m full of words, but, I don’t know what ones you want to hear or read. I think that has also been what has held me back from posting. Have you struggled with the same thing?

Habits are easy to break and hard to make. This posting will make two days in a row for me not a habit yet, but it’s a start.

I’m working on a short story that I plan to submit to the next 518 Publishing anthology, ‘A Guide to Useless Sidekicks’. I have a book’s or books worth of ideas that I have to winnow down to 5000 words or less. Wish me luck! Speaking of anthologies, I will, once again, shamelessly promote 518 Publishing’s, just released anthology, ‘Influence of the Moon’, in which I have two submissions. One is a poem and the other a short story, both influenced by, you guessed it, the Moon! Please look it up on Amazon and buy a copy or two. If you live in the upstate New York, 518 area code region, you may be able to pick one up and get it autographed by one or more of the authors at an event held at a library, convention or even a farmers market.

I’ll leave you now with this moon inspired haiku,

For Selene:

Basking in the cool

Caress of moonlight shining

Dreaming of your touch

I hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think!

PS. Sorry about the format, I couldn’t figure out how to get the spacing right for the haiku, I’m still learning.

Thank you Norra

I set this blog site up over a year ago with the intention of sharing my thoughts with anyone who was interested, or had nothing better to do. I’d been writing a bit and was working on a few story ideas, one that I intended to submit to an anthology being assembled by 518 Publishing. I’m happy to announce that I submitted not 1 but 2 pieces, and both were accepted! The anthology is entitled, Influence of the Moon and is available on Amazon. ‘Selene’, and, ‘I should have quit and gone to bed’ are my submissions. Please buy the book!

Anyhow, I was at our writers group workshop and was talking to Norra about this blog site and my lack of activity. Said I, “I’m afraid that anything that I post in the blog will be considered published, and therefore, ineligible for submission in future publications”. Said she, “Hold some stuff back but get some stuff out there and create a following. It will help later on if you present a story to a publisher” (The previous quote is not exact, but close enough). Made sense to me, and she would know, having much experience in marketing.

She asked what Unforsenities means, so I showed her the following.

Wicked Ways

The human mind is strange territory. I often try to make sense of the words and deeds of others and my conclusion usually condenses to this simple equation: P=$C², where P=Power, $=$ and C=Control.

Seems true to me. Thanks again Norra.