Thanksgiving on my mind

For most of last week I was thinking about Thanksgiving. I had a column that was due on 10/28 for a local paper. They wanted a sportsman’s point of view on hunting traditions and how they tie to Thanksgiving traditions for their upcoming holiday magazine. I said to myself, “Self, this is gonna be a cinch!”, and then told the editor that I would have the column ready by the deadline. It turned out to be much more difficult than I expected.

They wanted the column and a picture to fit on a single page, so the word count was only 750 words. Simple…not! It’s hard to propose, support and conclude a comparison in so few words. I must have made at least eight false starts, dead ending after a few hundred words. I was frustrated because I couldn’t steer the story in the direction that I wanted it to go. Then it hit me, I was trying to force it! When I finally got that through my thick skull, I threw out everything that I’d written up to that point, started fresh, and let the story follow it’s own course. It’s been submitted, enthusiastically approved and will be in Saratoga Today‘s ‘Simply Saratoga’ holiday edition.

Now that I can think about what I want to, I’m still thinking about Thanksgiving. Specifically, I’m thinking about a movie that is one of my favorites. The movie is ‘Pieces of April‘. It’s funny and tragic and powerful in a very human way. I don’t have an extensive list of must see movies. The few that are on my list span a very wide spectrum. ‘Pieces of April’ is a top contender. Please see the movie.

Since we’re on the topic, what is your favorite Thanksgiving movie, if you have one that is. I’m always looking for a good flick.

PS. I read a post on Ebony and Crows that set me on my heels. It was candid and raw and took a lot of bravery on her part to post. I think we have all looked in the mirror and not liked the reflection. It’s easy not to look into mirrors. It’s not easy to change the reflection in the mirror, but we can, just as she is doing.