Once More Around The Sun


Baby Evelyn Rose sends her love on her first trip around! She just celebrated her fourth month on her journey from cradle to greatness. Her smile brightens my world. Every day brings something new as she grows into the wonderful person she will be. Granny Bee (that’s my Rosebud) has been on nanny duty and is in her glory. Her worn out, how did I do this before, can’t wait to see her tomorrow glory, that is. I may be a little jealous.

Let’s see… where do I begin? For the last half of 2020, I was a bus drivin’, bait slingin’, bow sellin’, demolishin’, sheetrockin’, re-constructionist Grampa. My daughter and her fiance bought a house that needed “some work” before they moved in. Between that, work, and work, my time and energy were at a premium. As a result, I let myself get out of the habit of posting to my blog, keeping up with my blog friends (that means you) and being creative in general. I’ll admit, the concurrent s*!# shows we’ve all had to endure put a damper on me. I miss getting together with the local writing group. We socialized more than we wrote, but they helped me keep my eye on the ball(point) in a far more real, human way than getting together via social media.

I’m a terrible social media friend. I’m stubborn about using it, impatient with writing a conversation, waiting on replies and generally getting left behind in the conversation because I can’t type responses as quickly as I can think or speak them. I’m a dinosaur in that respect, my fault, no-one else’s. I miss having live conversations with people and the few people that I am able to talk to regularly receive the brunt of my pent up desire to converse. It’s not like I word vomit on my friends, I’m fine with silence and long periods of quiet when I’m with them. I like to just speak, cuz when I start to type, the internal editor takes control and what could have been said in a few seconds, takes a loooooonnnnggggg time to say and there are too many distractions and I don’t say what I wanted to say and by the time I have the time to say , what I wanted to say is no longer relevant!

perhaps i should just engage in stream of thought speak and not bother with spellng or punctuashun or stuf and then I can say what i want even if its hard to read and understand but im not even good at that cuz I have to try to keep ahhead of the editor that has already meda me go back and corrrect some of the mistakes ive made typing this thought and the sad thing is that what ive spennt time writing is not of much use ecxept as an illustration…… see i had to take abreak to take care of a customer now where was i

Anyway, I’ve been starting to read more of your posts and I can see that you are all still amazing. By the way, does any one know how Rachel, In Mind And Out, is doing? I haven’t seen anything from her in a while. Like I’m one to talk, HA!

My commenting on posts has been limited and I’ve missed many during my self imposed exile. I do, however, plan on being better in this new year. I guess that’s my resolution. I’m not off to the best start, I began working on this post, let’s see, about 12 hours ago. It’s late and I’ll have to finish it tomorrow!

9:00 PM the next night… I just woke up my computer since tucking it in at 11:00 last night. I better finish it up so I can move on. I started writing this post to say Happy New Year to all of you and to show off my grand daughter, Evelyn Rose. I had to leave it for a while and when I came back to the computer, I started reading recent posts. One that struck me was a poem posted by QueridaJ, intotheindigo, called Never Be Me. I could hear it in my head as I read it, and I decided to record it to hear how it sounded to my ear. I told QueridaJ that I liked the poem and recording it so I could hear it. I also said that I thought it would sound better in her voice than it does in mine. She asked me to post the recording so she could hear it, so hear it is. Please go to her blog and read it yourself, aloud, record it and replay it so you can hear how it sounds in a better voice.

‘Never Be Me’ by QueridaJ, intotheindigo.

Thank you, Querida, for helping me get back in the saddle.




I couldn’t think of a better title, so I went with simple. I don’t usually write about specific current events because I find it difficult to keep up with all the latest news and opinions people have about it. It makes me angry that people have apparently thrown all their problem solving skills down the drain. The conflicting spins that begin about 12 seconds after the news breaks, news usually poorly reported in the first place out of a desire to be first, serving only further confuse the issue and inflame rather than inform.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”, not my words, Abraham Lincoln’s. He was referring to the choice of this country embracing or rejecting slavery. How shameful, that over a century and a half later, our society is still poisoned by the belief of some, that ‘the color of one’s skin, outweighs the content of one’s character.’ Thank you Dr. King, I hope you don’t mind my paraphrasing.

I read Cold Shoulders, by Rachel, In mind and out, and I strongly recommending that you read it first. I wanted to write a comment on her poem and it morphed into the following poem. I left the first line intact and it may seem out of place if you don’t read hers. As I said, This is not what I intended to say, but here it is. She strongly recommended that I post it.


Take shelter in the silent cold.
The world shrieks as fires consume
and anger boils,
fanned by insanity
and hot winds of hate.
A spark
without care
without need
took the last breath of a man
and with that breath
fanned to life
flames that burn
the foundations of righteous anger

and solidarity
reducing all to coals and ash
that will erupt
with the next

Why can’t people be better?

Why can’t we remove people from positions of power, not for mistakes, but for demonstrated blatant incompetence and the C.Y.A. tactics they hide behind? Not having to wait for the next election, not resorting to violence.

Aaauuugggghh!!!!!! This is why I don’t like to follow current events too closely!

This is why I blog!

The other side of fire: Inspired by Ebony and Crows

I missed a lot of notices of new posts by bloggers that I follow several weeks ago. There was a local crisis that diverted my attention for a few days, but that’s another story. One of the notices I missed was for ‘Fiddling While Rome Burns’, by Ebony and Crows.

Please, before you read on, visit the link highlighted above and read Larisa’s post!

I’ve enjoyed reading her posts and poetry and getting to know her a little through them. She is a thoughtful woman who has made me laugh, think and bristle in her defense. She has also made this newbie feel welcome, and through her, I’ve discovered many other incredible writers.

Thank you Larisa

Her poem was written in the time just before our present reality and was an expression of her own thoughts and struggles. I was drawn in by its darkness and the bold defiance and power of its final words. Reading it a month and a half later, through the current lens, inspired a different response from me than it would have back then. I think we all wonder what comes after.

The other side of fire

Revel now, the city is burning!
And hope!
May what rises from the ashes
carry us on wings
purified by flame
stained by sorrow
strengthened by courage
tempered by loss
to a place
where we that passed through fear
can rest and find comfort
in the embrace
of those we love

(C) Tim Blodgett 04/20

I enjoy responding to posts with poetry in the comments. This is what I wrote as a comment to Larisa. It wasn’t the first, nor will it be the last!

I also want to thank all the others that liked, and gave me encouragement for the Fan Fic category. I hope you enjoy it.

Vixen in the rough

I read a post by Foxes and Poems called ‘A Poem About Oblivion’. It triggered my thoughts about relationships and how they can be so toxic at times. I find it sad that people get caught up in unhealthy relationships, oftentimes unaware of the problem until too much is invested to make a clean break.

I’m not making judgements, who am I to do that? I am simply presenting thoughts that have been triggered many times while reading posts of those I follow. My hope is that they were works of fiction, although I know, many were not. I cannot apologize for the hurts inflicted by uncaring partners, but I would if I could.

Men are beasts…

...But, not all of us

I don't know what you see in us,
we predate,
can't relate.
We are hopeless,
but, no,
you are our hope,
our salvation
from base predilections
and savage impulses.
You buoy us,
balance us,
care for us,
at your own expense.

What do you find in us
that's irresistible,
Is it the challenge
the thrill,
the danger
of allowing yourself to be engulfed
in a maelstrom 
of pheromones
and carnal desire?
Is it love
or need of validation
that draws you
like the butterfly to the flame
into the arms of the man
from Stockholm?

He will give you neither
and leave behind
your white hot ashes.

Please go to Foxes and Poems and read or listen to April’s post!

Fan fic

I labeled this category ‘Fan Fiction’ because this is where I will post replies, responses, and twists, inspired by the incredible, mind blowing talent of other bloggers. Some of my posts will emulate the other bloggers style, some will illustrate the vision that others create, in my mind, with their words and some will be my attempt to place myself in the world they create and provide an alternative voice or point of view.

All are meant to honor their talent and creativity. All are but an echo, and wouldn’t exist if not for the original work. It is not meant to upstage or improve on an other’s work. If the blogger doesn’t give permission, or decides that they don’t want the post to remain active on my site, I will remove it immediately with my apologies.

Sincerely, Tim Blodgett

Am-Jam wrap up

It’s been a long weekend at the Tattoo Expo and now it’s time to go home. My daughter Madison (Pie), met a whole lotta very interesting and talented people this weekend. She sold some T’s and artwork and made a few bucks. More valuable were the contacts and friends she made.

We were surrounded by busy artists creating works of art on willing flesh and the bee hive buzz of their machines ( machines, not guns!). In the booth next to us was Paul Roe, owner of James Street Parlour, located, where else, on James street in Syracuse. His website is http://www.jamesstreetparlour.com www.jamesstreetparlour.com

Paul hard at work. The banner is a picture of the tattoo on his wife’s back. Yes, that’s his work!

The fella Paul is working on is David who hails from Liverpool NY. David and his wife came to the Expo to have Paul cover an old tattoo that no longer met his standards.

The scorpion who lost his sting.
The old scorpion about to be buried.

David has been a client of Paul for a couple of years. He has a sleeve on his right arm that Paul’s working on that’s about 75% done. They had previously discussed how to cover up the old tattoo and today was the day.


It took about an hour to reach this point. You can still see the scorpion. It took another hour, give or take, to complete.


No more scorpion! My last picture isn’t the best but David was very pleased with the results.

This weekend was an adventure, we’re all beat. I’m still a tattoo virgin, but I’m much better informed and will be able to make a better choice if I decide to take the leap in the future.

Pie, George, and I want to thank Jeannie and her crew for the opportunity and for making us feel welcome. You guys are the best!

I hope that you enjoyed the posts!

Obvious in the forest

I’ve been actively blogging since last September. My only regret is that I’m unable to keep up with all of the posts that all of you offer. I read quickly but I write slowly, most of the time. Sometimes, though, the words come quickly. That happened yesterday.

With her gracious consent, I’m re-posting a poem shared on IN MIND AND OUT. It instantly reminded me of experiences and thoughts that I’ve had when in the woods. I wanted to offer my compliments, so I wrote the following.

Sylvan magic

This fella is my avatar. I found him in the woods last year.

 The forest embraced you
 and showed you it’s hidden places,
 glimpses of secret clearings.
 You felt the forest’s sylvan breath,
 the sigh of wind through its living leaves,
 so much like your own.
 Instinctively, the forest knows
 why you laid upon its leaf strewn floor,
 to feel its peace with your bare skin,
 to hear its secrets in your mind –
 You see a sapling, its destiny briar entwined
 and with love, you wove a cloak of thorns
 to protect and keep it safe.
 You whispered power with exhaled breath.
 It heard you,
 or was it a dream?
 Like me,
 you understand the forest’s magic

01/08/2020   Tim Blodgett (C)

Thank you 'R', for your inspiration! 
YOU gave voice to the forest's magic, 
i give but an echo

Please visit her blog and read her mind.

In mind and out

The forest sees me,
how I look at it’s empty spaces
in the clearings
I’m sure I hear it’s breath quicken
like wind through lace
Or is that my own?
Needily the forest thinks
I made a bed for us from pine needles,
and felt the imprints on our skin
within my mind –
I see an ancient wall where destinies entwined like vines
and I filled the hollows of the foxgloves with desire,
delicate and dangerous
they exhale their whispers to me
I heard them
or was that you?
Like me,
the forest sees you there

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The Path to Rapture — The Light is On

I’m re-posting this piece with Michel David Ring’s permission.

A doorway empty and charred awaits Look in and see what you left behind Forgotten on the path to rapture…

The Path to Rapture — The Light is On

Yesterday morning I checked to see what y’all had posted and saw this new one from Michel David Ring, henceforth known as MDR, or ‘The Kid’. The post is titled ‘The Path to Rapture’. Well crafted with a hook at the end. I don’t know, maybe it’s a Saturday morning thing, but like last week, it prompted me to write the following.

I just want to say, before you get to the piece, That I had a most wonderful day with my daughter and her fiance. We went to a farmers market and then went hiking on a local trail up a small mountain (hill to you out Rocky Mountain way). Highlights of the day; the trail we hiked was far enough north of where we live to have been snowing instead of raining and less than an hour away; we had a fun snowball fight on the way up; nobody got hurt on the way down and the Defiant Ornamental Pear tree in my brother’s yard is still green and doesn’t look like it will surrender until Spring!

The Road Through Torment

A door stands ajar, beyond, a room before the fire
I peer at the people inside and linger
Counting the cost of my inevitable crime
Before extinguishing the light forever
And plunging the revelers in darkness and ruin
No thought, just muscle memory honed keen by psychosis
To steal the warmth from their still beating hearts.
I wait for the night to fall and conceal my heinous crime
I run headlong from the screams of condemnation
Voiced by those whose judgement I openly scorn
Hiding within myself, I deny the past,
A past too bitter to contemplate, a past irredeemable
And leave behind a place where I never wanted to live
Now endurable only in its destruction

You never know where an idea or an inspiration will come from. When it does, grab hold of it and wrestle to the page before it gets away. I guess you could say that this is a piece of Fan Fiction. Thanks, ‘Kid’, for the great writing that you share.