Once More Around The Sun


Baby Evelyn Rose sends her love on her first trip around! She just celebrated her fourth month on her journey from cradle to greatness. Her smile brightens my world. Every day brings something new as she grows into the wonderful person she will be. Granny Bee (that’s my Rosebud) has been on nanny duty and is in her glory. Her worn out, how did I do this before, can’t wait to see her tomorrow glory, that is. I may be a little jealous.

Let’s see… where do I begin? For the last half of 2020, I was a bus drivin’, bait slingin’, bow sellin’, demolishin’, sheetrockin’, re-constructionist Grampa. My daughter and her fiance bought a house that needed “some work” before they moved in. Between that, work, and work, my time and energy were at a premium. As a result, I let myself get out of the habit of posting to my blog, keeping up with my blog friends (that means you) and being creative in general. I’ll admit, the concurrent s*!# shows we’ve all had to endure put a damper on me. I miss getting together with the local writing group. We socialized more than we wrote, but they helped me keep my eye on the ball(point) in a far more real, human way than getting together via social media.

I’m a terrible social media friend. I’m stubborn about using it, impatient with writing a conversation, waiting on replies and generally getting left behind in the conversation because I can’t type responses as quickly as I can think or speak them. I’m a dinosaur in that respect, my fault, no-one else’s. I miss having live conversations with people and the few people that I am able to talk to regularly receive the brunt of my pent up desire to converse. It’s not like I word vomit on my friends, I’m fine with silence and long periods of quiet when I’m with them. I like to just speak, cuz when I start to type, the internal editor takes control and what could have been said in a few seconds, takes a loooooonnnnggggg time to say and there are too many distractions and I don’t say what I wanted to say and by the time I have the time to say , what I wanted to say is no longer relevant!

perhaps i should just engage in stream of thought speak and not bother with spellng or punctuashun or stuf and then I can say what i want even if its hard to read and understand but im not even good at that cuz I have to try to keep ahhead of the editor that has already meda me go back and corrrect some of the mistakes ive made typing this thought and the sad thing is that what ive spennt time writing is not of much use ecxept as an illustration…… see i had to take abreak to take care of a customer now where was i

Anyway, I’ve been starting to read more of your posts and I can see that you are all still amazing. By the way, does any one know how Rachel, In Mind And Out, is doing? I haven’t seen anything from her in a while. Like I’m one to talk, HA!

My commenting on posts has been limited and I’ve missed many during my self imposed exile. I do, however, plan on being better in this new year. I guess that’s my resolution. I’m not off to the best start, I began working on this post, let’s see, about 12 hours ago. It’s late and I’ll have to finish it tomorrow!

9:00 PM the next night… I just woke up my computer since tucking it in at 11:00 last night. I better finish it up so I can move on. I started writing this post to say Happy New Year to all of you and to show off my grand daughter, Evelyn Rose. I had to leave it for a while and when I came back to the computer, I started reading recent posts. One that struck me was a poem posted by QueridaJ, intotheindigo, called Never Be Me. I could hear it in my head as I read it, and I decided to record it to hear how it sounded to my ear. I told QueridaJ that I liked the poem and recording it so I could hear it. I also said that I thought it would sound better in her voice than it does in mine. She asked me to post the recording so she could hear it, so hear it is. Please go to her blog and read it yourself, aloud, record it and replay it so you can hear how it sounds in a better voice.

‘Never Be Me’ by QueridaJ, intotheindigo.

Thank you, Querida, for helping me get back in the saddle.



14 thoughts on “Once More Around The Sun

  1. How wonderful to find you in my inbox, Tim! Happy New Year and glad to hear you and and yours are all well (though busy – life, eh?)

    Wonderful to hear your voice reading Querida’s poem (it sounded truly lovely)

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  2. Awwwww thank you Tim!! One for being back to the blogging, two sharing your adorable pride and Grand joy and saving the best for last (at least for me) was the honour of you reading out my little piece….I still stand by my opinion that it sounds better in your voice… You have the confidence and gravity that those words deserve. Thank you once again and even if can’t be a regular contributor (guilty as well) it’s always a pleasure to hear from you ☺️☺️☺️ Here’s to a better new year!

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  3. Tim, that was a very refreshing read! You echo many of my sentiments and even impatience by all that we have been limited by. Your granddaughter is as cute as a button! I enjoyed the reading of that poem and the poem itself. I like listening to poems in other people’s voices, it feels like it’s bringing me inside their world for a bit.


  4. Hi Larisa! I could see from the pictures you posted that you have had some great adventures with your friends. About a week before Christmas, we got 30 inches of snow overnight! I went to bed, no snow. I woke up, all the snow! A Colorado native, ski bum friend I was helping dig out called it ‘Champagne powder’. The only fun I had in it was to shovel it into a big pile and then make a snow angel when I tripped and fell. The sad thing is that the nor’easter that brought it was followed a few days later by a so’wester that melted it all away. I had a green Christmas after all.

    Little Evelyn is a little cutie pie. The story behind the picture is that I dozed off as grampas often do, and apparently, she was enjoying my snoring…so I’m told. All part of the plan I said.

    I like reading poems aloud. Like you, I feel that it connects me with the writer and helps me to understand the mood and the meaning. It adds a richness to the words, makes them more real, or as you so astutely stated, brings one “inside their world for a bit”.

    Stay well my friend.

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