My Perfect Day

Maddy and George before
Supergirl and Kilroy!
good things come to those who wait
the wait is over


08/31/20 Grandpa Press: At 6:33am, minutes after the sun rose this perfect morning, baby Evelyn Rose made her grand entrance. The attendees were greeted with her cries of consternation at having to leave her cozy abode as they quickly attended to her immediate needs. Little Evelyn Rose weighed in at a healthy 8 pounds, 12 ounces, arriving with a full head of hair and a complete compliment of fingers and toes. She was placed in her mother’s loving embrace moments after her arrival and was soon enjoying her first breakfast. Due to tight security and strict safety protocols, this reporter was unable to attend the momentous event and relied on reports from trusted sources. Photos of the newborn Evelyn were sent to this reporter’s computer and are shared below.

Look at those lips! Just look at them!
“Isn’t she a beaut!” commented her great uncle Randy.
I can’t wait to hold her!
Evelyn Rose first cried today
her voice is music to our ears
she entered the world the usual way
in joy we shed our happy tears

Her voice is music to our ears
her cries will never be ignored
Her parents will love her through the years
by Granny Bee and Me she will be adored

She entered the world the usual way
when she was ready, not a moment before
A treasure at the start of this beautiful day
so great we could not ask for more

In joy we shed our happy tears
for the gift of a baby as the morning sun rose
for the love of new parents that shines so clear
Thank you for gracing our lives sweet Evelyn Rose

I can’t wait to begin my new grandpa duties, I want to do all things baby!

‘The baby is hungry’

Me: Give me Baby!

‘The baby needs a nap’

Me: Give me Baby!

‘the baby’s diaper needs to be changed’

Me; Give me Baby!

‘The baby is a little fussy’

Me: Give me Baby!

‘The baby needs a bath’

Me: Give me Baby!

Grandma and I are so proud of Madison and George, the happy parents of a beautiful baby. They have shown great love for each other and great courage to start their family. We will support them any way we can until the end of our days, may they be many and full of joy.

I’ve been missing all of you this crazy summer. It’s been all work and little play for Rosemary and I. We’ve been fortunate to have just the right kind of business to help people make the best of the poor hand we all were dealt. People rediscovered the simple pleasure of spending time outdoors, fishing, hiking, preparing for this Fall’s hunting season and enjoying nature in their own ways. It left us both with little time or mental energy to write and be creative. I’m not complaining, but I’m looking forward to things slowing down a little bit in a month or so. I miss having time to read and digest the wisdom and beauty you share through your writing. I miss responding to your words and learning different ways of expression.

I feel like...
I've left much undone 
left much unsaid 
I feel the weight of the words
in my head 
and my fingertips
to be released
I've no one to blame
except myself
for these feelings
it is not a question of whether those feelings
are bad 
or good
they just are
and it's up to me to resolve them

Thank you for your time.