6 thoughts on “What a Twenty will get you

  1. To the point, and from the heart.

    I just saw the notification a short while ago. I’m ear to ear with a smile! I can’t wait to listen to it, but I have to because I have to upload an Adobe something or other.

    You’re the best Rachel!

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  2. Tim I heard your audio on Rachel’s site, it’s so powerful! There’s an unmistakable notion that you want to hear it again and again and will gain something new each time!

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  3. I could say the same to you! I love the recording. You could be a professional narrator, I mean that, there is something very special about your voice – I feel honoured I got to hear you narrate my writing!

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  4. I can’t describe how grateful I am that you so enjoyed the reading. I won’t ruin the moment by sending a recording of me singing, trust me, I have no talent in that regard!

    Thank you, both of you.


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