I couldn’t think of a better title, so I went with simple. I don’t usually write about specific current events because I find it difficult to keep up with all the latest news and opinions people have about it. It makes me angry that people have apparently thrown all their problem solving skills down the drain. The conflicting spins that begin about 12 seconds after the news breaks, news usually poorly reported in the first place out of a desire to be first, serving only further confuse the issue and inflame rather than inform.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”, not my words, Abraham Lincoln’s. He was referring to the choice of this country embracing or rejecting slavery. How shameful, that over a century and a half later, our society is still poisoned by the belief of some, that ‘the color of one’s skin, outweighs the content of one’s character.’ Thank you Dr. King, I hope you don’t mind my paraphrasing.

I read Cold Shoulders, by Rachel, In mind and out, and I strongly recommending that you read it first. I wanted to write a comment on her poem and it morphed into the following poem. I left the first line intact and it may seem out of place if you don’t read hers. As I said, This is not what I intended to say, but here it is. She strongly recommended that I post it.


Take shelter in the silent cold.
The world shrieks as fires consume
and anger boils,
fanned by insanity
and hot winds of hate.
A spark
without care
without need
took the last breath of a man
and with that breath
fanned to life
flames that burn
the foundations of righteous anger

and solidarity
reducing all to coals and ash
that will erupt
with the next

Why can’t people be better?

Why can’t we remove people from positions of power, not for mistakes, but for demonstrated blatant incompetence and the C.Y.A. tactics they hide behind? Not having to wait for the next election, not resorting to violence.

Aaauuugggghh!!!!!! This is why I don’t like to follow current events too closely!

This is why I blog!

10 thoughts on “Burn

  1. What brilliant thoughts you have shaped out of the horrendous deeds of man.
    I find it hard to understand what could walk across a man’s mind to make him want to kill another man?
    Hate? Fear? Or are some people just born to kill, because they have nothing better to do with their lives? Or is it that to kill someone ‘seemingly’ below us is little more than a joke? I would say all.

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  2. Thank you for reading and for your compliment.
    Maybe my bogglement over how things have blown up are an indication of my incomplete understanding of the current mood. I know that anger and frustration are constantly simmering at 211 degrees, why is nobody trying to turn down the heat? (the reason may be that they don’t see the profit in it, sad)
    Racism and many other ‘isms exist in all of us, no exceptions. This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to embrace the ‘isms and act on them. We are not children without impulse control. If people can’t recognize the humanity of others who are different from them, by the tiniest of degrees, what is our future going to be?

    We must be better than we have been!


  3. Thank you Dale, I guess I’m in more of a twist than I thought.

    I just read something posted by a writing group friend who has spent a lot of time listening to and learning from a forum hosted by strong Black women. It was enlightening and I’ll be reading it several more times so that I may become a bit more informed about the root causes of the frustration and anger, as if the killing of innocent black people by white police officers isn’t enough. I don’t want to inadvertently be part of the problem and further promote false or racist narratives.

    A few weeks back, when armed white men protesting the closures due to Covid, got right in the faces of police officers in riot gear, tear gas and rubber bullets were not used to disperse the protesters.

    Huh, what’s the difference between then and now? Maybe I should increase my daily dosage.


  4. Crazy times, Tim. The more I read on this the more it seems like a personal vendetta by the cop rather than race related. They were bouncers at the same night club and it is assumed that they knew each other. The media and other special interest groups need their spark to tell their story and justify their existence. I think the cop needs to be tried for first degree murder, as it seems premeditation by a person in power using his powers for personal satisfaction, rather than upholding the rule of law. I definitely don’t think it was a race related crime, but who knows.


  5. I heard the same thing about them working at the same club, but it was unsure whether they had worked together or knew each other. I also read a report that the killer had 18 formal complaints against him in his 18 years on the force. Chauvin had a history of abusing his authority. I worked as a Court officer for a few years with the local PD, I’ve seen it from the inside. Most of the officers I worked with were good people, a few had issues.
    I agree that in the zeal to be the first to report, mistakes and distortions find their way into the reports. I also agree that there are too many people, in gov’t and special interest, who are loath to let an incident go to waste in order to serve their own interests.
    I also agree that Chauvin, and the officers that stood by and watched should all be charged with 1st degree murder, aiding and abetting, conspiracy and or any other charges cam be leveled, and get the maximum sentenced allowed under law. There is no doubt of their guilt through there actions or inaction.


    I disagree that this crime wasn’t racially motivated. There was also a lot of cop ego mixed in, but Chuavin demonstrated his racial bias and total disregard for the suffering and the life of George Floyd. That goes for the other cops charged along side Chauvin.

    It’s disturbing and demoralizing, the number of these crimes that have occurred in the last few weeks, and in recent history. Let the protests rage! They have our attention now. We need to see past the chaos and understand why the chaos is happening. The more I learn about the institutional failings and outright discriminatory tactics used over the past decades by our gov’t, the angrier I get. I/We have been lied to and manipulated by them for our whole lives and we didn’t even realize it.

    A man was killed by police over a counterfeit $20 bill worth exactly $0. Is this what that man’s life was worth?

    I’m not angry at you or any of the other well intentioned people out there, I’m angry at myself for only now realizing how wrong things are. In fact, I thank you for giving me a jumping off point for my rant. I’ve been struggling to focus my thoughts on this, there are so many aspects to it.

    Your friend,

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  7. Thank you for finding and following my blog. Rachel is special, I don’t know how to better describe her without using the whole thesaurus! Thank you for your kind words about her poem and my reading of it. I’m looking forward to reading you.



  8. Nice work with using Rachel’s Cold Shoulders as a seed of inspiration for this piece. Her words just reach out and grab you, don’t they? I know they whisper to me.
    My answer to your ending questions is – the powerful refuse to step down and vested interests collude with them to keep the status quo. And thus,elections can be tempered just enough to give the illusion of fairness without being that in fact!! Bill Maher has a viewpoint on the general public that, sadly I have to also subscribe to – the public is stupid. Seems everyone has acquired a taste for Koolaid (Jim Jones massacre). What is it they say – You can’t fix stupid or another one I just read that I like is – Prejudice is just an emotional commitment to ignorance.
    Great piece! Wonderful homage to Rachel too!!


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