Snow white, untouched, pure and chaste, my virginity renewed during the long winter night
I wake to celebrate an orgy of creation
soft petals parting, eagerly
waiting, sweet scent of

Reverse Fibonacci sequence
Tim Blodgett (C) 06/07/20

Don’t you just love Spring? It makes the blood rise a bit!

This is a chromatically, sequentially, attitudinally reversed companion to the post and poem ‘Defiant’ from November 2019. I took the latest photo 6 months after the Defiant photo (below) and meant to post it last month, but I was in a bit of a funk then.

06/10/20: I’m adding this edit because I was caught in a little bit of literary licence by João-Maria. The tree pictured is a Pear tree. But since the title ‘Pear’ would not have offered the proper double entendre, I went with ‘Cherry’ instead! João-Maria is a poet with the heart of a botanist, or a botanist with the heart of a poet, and a good eye for pear trees!

Thank you for reading.


I couldn’t think of a better title, so I went with simple. I don’t usually write about specific current events because I find it difficult to keep up with all the latest news and opinions people have about it. It makes me angry that people have apparently thrown all their problem solving skills down the drain. The conflicting spins that begin about 12 seconds after the news breaks, news usually poorly reported in the first place out of a desire to be first, serving only further confuse the issue and inflame rather than inform.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”, not my words, Abraham Lincoln’s. He was referring to the choice of this country embracing or rejecting slavery. How shameful, that over a century and a half later, our society is still poisoned by the belief of some, that ‘the color of one’s skin, outweighs the content of one’s character.’ Thank you Dr. King, I hope you don’t mind my paraphrasing.

I read Cold Shoulders, by Rachel, In mind and out, and I strongly recommending that you read it first. I wanted to write a comment on her poem and it morphed into the following poem. I left the first line intact and it may seem out of place if you don’t read hers. As I said, This is not what I intended to say, but here it is. She strongly recommended that I post it.


Take shelter in the silent cold.
The world shrieks as fires consume
and anger boils,
fanned by insanity
and hot winds of hate.
A spark
without care
without need
took the last breath of a man
and with that breath
fanned to life
flames that burn
the foundations of righteous anger

and solidarity
reducing all to coals and ash
that will erupt
with the next

Why can’t people be better?

Why can’t we remove people from positions of power, not for mistakes, but for demonstrated blatant incompetence and the C.Y.A. tactics they hide behind? Not having to wait for the next election, not resorting to violence.

Aaauuugggghh!!!!!! This is why I don’t like to follow current events too closely!

This is why I blog!