Fan fic

I labeled this category ‘Fan Fiction’ because this is where I will post replies, responses, and twists, inspired by the incredible, mind blowing talent of other bloggers. Some of my posts will emulate the other bloggers style, some will illustrate the vision that others create, in my mind, with their words and some will be my attempt to place myself in the world they create and provide an alternative voice or point of view.

All are meant to honor their talent and creativity. All are but an echo, and wouldn’t exist if not for the original work. It is not meant to upstage or improve on an other’s work. If the blogger doesn’t give permission, or decides that they don’t want the post to remain active on my site, I will remove it immediately with my apologies.

Sincerely, Tim Blodgett

4 thoughts on “Fan fic

  1. That is so sweet of you to do that, Tim. I love how writers catch aflame from other writers and the work of art morphs beautifully in its journey from one mind to the next. We also mutually love several of the same authors, so I can attest to your good tastes ☺️😉

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