Going, going, OH DAMMIT ALL!

Going… 3/22/20 8:00am
Goinnnggg…….. 3/22/20 11:00am

The giant snowbank in front of my store had slowly diminished over the past couple of weeks until it was but a wee speck of dirty ice lying amid dirty dead grass and dirty winter dirt. All that was needed was a quick raking and a little rain to clean it up and let the grass turn green again.

But, NOOOOOOOoooooooo!

Instead, the wind came out of the north and this happened!

DAMMIT ALL TO H*#&!!! 3/23/20 5:00pm

It’s pretty and all, but it could have waited until next winter. Say la vee, or however they spell it, I’m feeling phonetic right now! This too, shall soon pass and spring will return to the stage.


Budding, greening spring
peeping, calling, chirping sing
blooming flowering bling

T.Blodgett 3/23/20

That’s all I’ve got for now, I’ve been brain blocked and time crunched lately. Seems I’ll have a little more time on my hands for a while and will be getting back on the blog track.

Please take care of yourselves, mind and body. Reach out if you need a kind word or or an ear to listen. Be well.

5 thoughts on “Going, going, OH DAMMIT ALL!

  1. Soo…. you live next door to me? I just came in from an evening walk with a friend (six feet apart at all times) and took a slew of pictures. I’m working on post as we speak…

    And thank you. For not talking about you know what.


  2. Imagine a dirty, crusty bit of crumbly ice with a quarter placed next to it. They are both the same size.
    Then picture beautiful fluffy snow piled lightly upon itself, as deep as the width of your outspread hand, on a porch railing, and balanced lightly upon the still bare branches of a maple tree, as deep as your pinky is long. Everything is soft and quiet and muted and pure looking like a classic, old timey, Christmas scene. And your 12 and all your wishes just came true.

    I preffered the first photo!

    Thank you for your compliment, I hope my description helped.
    The ‘Grinch’


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