Hello lip!


Well, it finally happened! I went bat s*#& crazy and exterminated the caterpillar that has been living under my nose for my whole adult life. It never metamorphosed, or even hinted at transforming into a full on, face dominating, “Dang, wouldja lookit that! You got quite a mustache goin’ on there, fella!”. Not that I wanted a big personal grooming nightmare growing in the middle of my face anyway. Besides, it was getting lonely without a beard to keep it company. Can’t grow one of those either.

So, I announced, “I’m gonna shave my mustache off!”

Rose: “You are not.?!”

Me: “Yes I am!”

Her: (incredulously) “When, right now, you’re not serious are you?!?”

Me: “Yup!”

Her: “Oh my God!” (giggles)

Me: “Whuttaya think?” (me with my finger covering my mustache)

Her: (more giggling and a little snort) “I’ve never seen you without one! I don’t know, you’re going to look weird!”

Me: (looking weird) “Already do.” (Ok, I didn’t say that, but a little embellishment never hurt a story)

Her: “Maddy’s going to freak!” (our daughter who once threatened to dis-own me if I shaved it off) (like she could, hmmph)

I turned my back on Rose’s continued giggling and good-natured (I think) ribbing, and did the deed.

A few minutes later I returned, my lip tingling from fresh air and razor burn. I went to give my bride of thirty years a smooch. She shrank away squealing and wouldn’t let me near her.

My plan worked PERFECTLY! Buah ha ha!

Going, going, OH DAMMIT ALL!

Going… 3/22/20 8:00am
Goinnnggg…….. 3/22/20 11:00am

The giant snowbank in front of my store had slowly diminished over the past couple of weeks until it was but a wee speck of dirty ice lying amid dirty dead grass and dirty winter dirt. All that was needed was a quick raking and a little rain to clean it up and let the grass turn green again.

But, NOOOOOOOoooooooo!

Instead, the wind came out of the north and this happened!

DAMMIT ALL TO H*#&!!! 3/23/20 5:00pm

It’s pretty and all, but it could have waited until next winter. Say la vee, or however they spell it, I’m feeling phonetic right now! This too, shall soon pass and spring will return to the stage.


Budding, greening spring
peeping, calling, chirping sing
blooming flowering bling

T.Blodgett 3/23/20

That’s all I’ve got for now, I’ve been brain blocked and time crunched lately. Seems I’ll have a little more time on my hands for a while and will be getting back on the blog track.

Please take care of yourselves, mind and body. Reach out if you need a kind word or or an ear to listen. Be well.


That’s it! I’ve been trying to find an image of what the average human face looks like for almost an hour now. You know, an image that takes the facial characteristics of all ages, ethnicity, gender, etc, blends them together and gives the result, an every person, so to speak. I know (I think) that it exists, because I know (I think) that I’ve seen one.

I found average, typical images for women, men, Asian, European, pick a country, any country, but not an average HUMAN face!

My difficulty may speak more toward my incompetence or impatience in my search, I admit that. Therefor, I’ll invite you to do your own search and if you find it, please send it my way.

The reason for my search and ultimate failure may be what the following is speaking to. I wrote this specifically for a person who is young enough to not get it and old enough to straighten up and fly right. Who he chooses to be in the next few years will make a difference in his remaining years.

I think that if we are honest with ourselves, we will all acknowledge that we have had to learn some hard lessons over the years on our journey to the intelligent, enlightened, thoughtful, understanding people we have become. We must also acknowledge that we are still that average human struggling with the learned and instinctual biases that are part of who we are.


we are all the same
you and me
her and him
it matters not a whit
the color of our skin
the language that we speak
the faith that we hold
who it is we choose to love
we are all the same

we all struggle every day
to see
to be
but it's hard
when we feel alone
when we're misunderstood
when we can't find the words to say
or the courage to say them when we do
we all struggle every day

we must always remember
the pain we feel
the pain they feel
is the same
how you think about others
is how you think about yourself
the color of your blood
is the color of their blood
we are all the same
you must always remember

02/27/20 Tim Blodgett

I must find the courage to, in essence, speak out of turn and stick my nose where it doesn’t really belong, and give this to the person I wrote this for. It may be the ultimate display of hubris to think I may change the trajectory of that young person with a poem, but I believe there’s more beneath his story’s cover. I will do it. If I don’t, I will have failed to do what I believe is the right thing.