Sentinel: Weekend Writing Prompt #146 – Epoch

Photo taken by Bill Frederick

I was going to post something completely different, then I saw this prompt when I read Dale’s last post. I’ve been dormant the last week or so, but her smiling face woke me up!


I will remain
and patient
though an epoch may pass
for the return of your light
despite the cold
indifferent dark
of your absence


I needed a little kick in the can and I’ve always liked the word ‘Epoch’ (it’s a cool looking word and it catches the ear when spoken), so I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been thinking about time and distance lately. I met a new customer recently who’s an amateur astronomer. We shared our enthusiasm for the wonders of the universe both close and distant, relatively speaking. I may even join his astronomy club!

Anyway, it’s getting late and I have to get up early for work. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!

I wanted to include the photo when I first posted but I didn’t feel comfortable without permission. I got permission so there it is! Thanks Bill.

11 thoughts on “Sentinel: Weekend Writing Prompt #146 – Epoch

  1. This is so beautiful Tim
    Steadfast against the “indifferent dark
    of your absence”. You create an atmosphere in your words that portrays that infinite dark of space, and a love that holds steadfast through that.


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