Am-Jam Tattoo

The booth.

6:00 PM and the doors just opened for the 34th annual Am-Jam Tattoo Expo!

Keep your distance

We’re at the Ramada Inn, just off I 90 exit 35 in Syracuse NY. My Pie (the pretty girl in the first picture) is displaying her artwork, selling t-shirts, and taking commissions for custom work.

Just a taste
Another taste

There’s dozens of tattoo artists and piercing artists doing their thing this weekend.

The needles are buzzing and the ink is aflowin’!

You should see it from out here! It’s indescribably beautiful!

If anyone reading this is in the Syracuse area, stop in and say hello. You might decide to embellish yourself and you will definitely see things that can’t be unseen!

9 thoughts on “Am-Jam Tattoo

  1. I have had all my tats done at Eminence Ink in CT. Fame Montalvo? He hasn’t done them but it is his shop. I am heading up to Syracuse the first weekend in April. I would love to stop in. Do you do walkins? I want my sons name put on my ankle with my other tats.

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  2. My daughter does artwork and could design a piece for you but she doesn’t do Tattooing. Sorry for not being clear, I’m just here to help her with the booth and maybe get my first tattoo, maybe. I have a hard time deciding what to wear for the rest of my life. 🙄

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