We can do better

I just started following Cheemnonso, NONSO’S WORLD blog. I don’t know much about Cheemnonso except Cheemnonso has a magic pencil, a big brain and a bigger heart. I checked out the NONSO’S WORLD because Cheemnonso checked me out. I found beautiful art and thoughtful words.

I read one post called ‘A Letter to Humanity’ that struck a chord. I wanted to give it a shout out because it was/is on point. It asks questions that we need to think about. Wouldn’t it be great if thoughtful, intelligent people like you could become the new influencers in today’s social media landscape instead of the inane, insane, super vain, unrestrain (ed), IQ drain, societal bane of greedy self promoting hucksters that are currently leading the charge.

We all have a different perspective on the ills that afflict our community, both local and global. Through our poetry and prose, we share our concerns and offer answers. I don’t know how to make our collective voice heard and heeded by those who are in a position to influence people to be more mindful about how we treat each other. Maybe one of you do…

…or maybe we have to reach people one at a time.

Please read Cheemnonso’s poem, ‘A Letter to Humanity’. If you’ve written in the same vein, post it! Maybe we can find some answers to our common concerns.

I offer this for your consideration and comment.

 We can do better
 Endowed as we are
 by a creator, take your pick,
 with varied ideas of humanity,
 we struggle to make sense
 of the world we create
 in the image of ourselves.
 Naturally, we see others, as other. 
 Suspect, untrustworthy, a threat
 to our own carefully crafted world view.
 Fingers point, blame is assigned,
 civil discourse is discarded
 in favor of venomous vitriol.
 Distrustful and dismissive,
 how are we to advance
 as a society or individually,
 when we try to control
 what the other does, thinks, believes
 without regard for their reality?
 Like magnets, we are
 repulsive and attractive.
 Eternally in opposition.
 We must unite our positives
 and not allow our negatives
 to divide and push us apart.
 Plus or minus, ying or yang,
 both sides searching for truth.
 The peril that is before us,
 lies in the passing of judgement,
 because nothing is as it seems.
 Or is it? 

by Tim Blodgett   summer 2019

One last thing! If you’re clown phobic, DO NOT go to this link!!! If you’re not Then DO go to the link and check out Cheemnonso’s rendition of Pennywise!

2 thoughts on “We can do better

  1. A very wonderful piece you’ve got here which addresses areas where our existence has somewhat fallen short. It’s good to know that poets like you have embraced these concerns riddling our human nature, highlighting the thought or fact that we could actually do better.

    Thanks for the kind gesture, Tim, and I truly, truly appreciate it; Humanity does too.

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  2. I’m sorry it took so long to reply, I think I thought I did!
    You’re very welcome, you wrote a thoughtful piece and I wanted to put it in front of a few more people.
    Your artwork is amazing as well, you aught to talk to galleries and coffee shops/internet cafes/libraries, etc, you know, any place that could use a little art on the walls. fame and fortune may follow.


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