The Path to Rapture — The Light is On

I’m re-posting this piece with Michel David Ring’s permission.

A doorway empty and charred awaits Look in and see what you left behind Forgotten on the path to rapture…

The Path to Rapture — The Light is On

Yesterday morning I checked to see what y’all had posted and saw this new one from Michel David Ring, henceforth known as MDR, or ‘The Kid’. The post is titled ‘The Path to Rapture’. Well crafted with a hook at the end. I don’t know, maybe it’s a Saturday morning thing, but like last week, it prompted me to write the following.

I just want to say, before you get to the piece, That I had a most wonderful day with my daughter and her fiance. We went to a farmers market and then went hiking on a local trail up a small mountain (hill to you out Rocky Mountain way). Highlights of the day; the trail we hiked was far enough north of where we live to have been snowing instead of raining and less than an hour away; we had a fun snowball fight on the way up; nobody got hurt on the way down and the Defiant Ornamental Pear tree in my brother’s yard is still green and doesn’t look like it will surrender until Spring!

The Road Through Torment

A door stands ajar, beyond, a room before the fire
I peer at the people inside and linger
Counting the cost of my inevitable crime
Before extinguishing the light forever
And plunging the revelers in darkness and ruin
No thought, just muscle memory honed keen by psychosis
To steal the warmth from their still beating hearts.
I wait for the night to fall and conceal my heinous crime
I run headlong from the screams of condemnation
Voiced by those whose judgement I openly scorn
Hiding within myself, I deny the past,
A past too bitter to contemplate, a past irredeemable
And leave behind a place where I never wanted to live
Now endurable only in its destruction

You never know where an idea or an inspiration will come from. When it does, grab hold of it and wrestle to the page before it gets away. I guess you could say that this is a piece of Fan Fiction. Thanks, ‘Kid’, for the great writing that you share.

3 thoughts on “The Path to Rapture — The Light is On

  1. Avia Tinder

    Nicely done!! And I love the advice to “wrestle an idea to the page”–Excellent…I’ve learned if I don’t write while the image is sharp, it’s forever gone.

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  2. Thank you Mitchel, It was that last line of yours, wow. It’s funny how a phrase can evoke a cascade of thoughts. I really appreciate your indulgence in allowing me to springboard from your work. I don’t intend to make a habit of twisting all of your poetry, or anyone else’s, into something other. We all create best in our own style and you are a master of yours.
    P.S., I’m hoping you know the reference.

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