Up or Down?

There are many unresolved questions floating in the aether.

Intelligent design or Random chance? Captain Kirk or Captain Picard? Hamburger or Hot Dog? Ketchup or Catsup? Up or Down?

It was the last quandary listed that was the subject at the bus garage yesterday. There are two restrooms for us to use as needed. Both are spacious, single occupancy affairs that are used by all. Both are treated quite well by the considerate staff. A debate arose over the post use position of the seat, up or down. The opinion held by the ladies was overwhelmingly in favor of the down position. The gentleman were less opinionated about the position of the seat and as all of them are married, generally agreed with the ladies and didn’t offer any real convincing arguments in opposition. I wisely kept my mouth shut. My mind, however, played out the debate. It went something like this.

Gentlemen: We put the seat up so we don’t foul it, we dislike dirty seats as much as you.

Ladies: That’s all well and good, just put it back down after you’re done. We don’t want to sit on the cold (and dirty) porcelain.

Note: My wife uses this same argument on the rare occasions that I forget to put the seat down at home. Usually the language is more coarse.

Gentlemen: Sometimes we forget, besides, you’ve got two good hands, you can put it down. By the way, who doesn’t check the seat before sitting?

Ladies: A mostly nonpublishable response concerning the accuracy of short barrels and small bores that basically says,’Take better aim buster and clean up after yourself!’

Another note: I totally agree with that with the ladies here!

Gentlemen: Hey, we’re just trying to show a little respect, pardon us for being considerate.

As you can see, the gentlemen lost after the first round and signed their death warrant in the second. I guess men are no good at debates. Still the question remains for you to ponder, Up or Down?

And now for another.I call this;

Dead or Alive

No one thought to ask
Schrodinger's cat how it felt
about the damn box

Thank you and good night!

4 thoughts on “Up or Down?

  1. I’m down with down, but the paper has to come off the back of the roll, less chance of overrun. As for I.D. or R.C., I always have, and likely, always will doubt. Perhaps there’s a middle ground, initial influence followed by hands off. That works better for me and there’s still time to reconsider. I’m glad you found your answer.

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