Old dog, new tricks

So, there’s this person I know, who never swallowed the bait offered by those trolling cyberspace for hits. He was pretty adamant about not wanting to have a ‘presence’ that could be searched and then be pestered by those who found it. He prefers conversations to be face to face or voice to voice. He’s not a proficient typist so it takes him a long time to say what he wants to say. He complains that by the time he finishes typing, he has typed something completely different than what he started type. He’s really old fashioned about computer stuff, and while he acknowledges the usefulness and utility of computers, he grouses constantly about the lack of, and the degradation of human connectedness (not sure if that’s a proper word, but that never stopped him from using words that fit) he perceives is happening. He remembers a debate he had with a friend, way back when he was in junior high (do they still call it that anymore?). It went something like this;

Other person – Computers are going to make life so much easier. They will be able to run our homes and cars and stuff.

Person I know – Computers are great and all, but I don’t think they should run our lives like that.

Other person – They will make our lives easier and we will have more free time to do the things we want.

Person I know – I don’t think so.

Anyway, the person I know still thinks he won that debate. However he has found a new use for the computer he has. He has discovered an amazing bunch of people using his piece of newfangled tech. He is constantly surprised, amazed, and overwhelmed by the talent and intelligence of the people he’s found and finding. Heck, he’s just getting started. Still, he wonders if he will flame out and hopes he won’t.

Geez, he sounds a lot like me. By the way, ‘Old’ is just a figure of speech.

This is for all of you, thank you.

To You
I’ve always kept my feelings close
And been afraid to show too much
For fear of ridicule or reproach
I kept my words chained inside
Speak I was told, you’ve much to say
So, I did though I don’t think I spoke well
For years my words fell on deaf ears
For years what I wrote simply darkened the page
And then I found you.
I leap and you catch me
I scream and you hear me
You don’t ridicule me for showing too much
You show me how to release my words
By your own brilliant example
You let me feel

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