That’s how many words I need to write each day in the month of November if I’m to reach the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words!!!

I’m a slow writer. I’m type with 2 fingers and I’m good for about 10 words a minute. I can type more words than that in a minute if I know exactly what I want to say, but I usually don’t know how I want to say what I want to say until I’m saying it and then I think of a different way of saying it and have to change what I said and in the end I didn’t say what I thought I was going to say when I started to say it. I actually exceeded my average wpm count just then!

The problem is that I stop and think about what I’ve written or what I want to write next, and the average dwindles away. It’s kinda like being stuck in a traffic jam sitting behind the wheel of a (pick your favorite vehicle), Changing lanes and advancing a short distance and then coming to a stop and watching the car you were previously stuck behind move ahead and out of sight.

The way I figure it, the math goes something like this:

1667 divided by 10 equals a little less than 3 hours. Factor in correcting spelling errors, coffee and then the subsequent bathroom breaks, brain cramps and staring off into space, I figure the time required to reach the daily goal will fall roughly between 3.5 hours and forever.

I’m not liking the odds, I know me and I also engage in a lot of wishful thinking. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try. Remember, the point of the journey is not to arrive, right? Anyhow, It’s getting late so I’ll wrap this up with a heartfelt thank you to those of you who read this and my previous posts. I’ve visited some of your blogs and read what you shared. Wow! There’s some powerful, thoughtful, wrenching, and wonderful posts. I look forward to viewing more of them as time allows and giving back in my own way.

I call this ‘Sidelong’.

out of the corner of my
eye, see you and smile

You brighten my world when you
grace it with your brilliance

7 thoughts on “1667

  1. This is an outstanding post plus I love your Tanka. I wish you much luck in reaching your NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words! Thank you so much for joining my weekly challenge and I hope to see you again! 😊


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  3. Thank you rugby843. Sorry it took me so long to respond, It’s busy season at the shop and I’m still learning my way around social media. It took me a long time to make it this far. I hope I don’t disappoint you.


  4. Sorry about this late reply. I didn’t know to use the reply arrow in your comment box. I used the ‘leave a reply’ box at the bottom instead. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated you comment, Thank you.


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